The training continues…

Today will be my 7th day in a row running. On Tuesday I ran my furthest yet (outside anyway) at 7.6 KM (in 47 minutes). Yesterday we did our 5 KM route which includes a few killer hills during the last half which completely did me in. It’s amazing to me how much they tire me out. I felt more tired at the top of those hills than I did after running 10 KM on the treadmill. The good news is, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is known as one of the “flattest” routes in North America (and therefore, the fastest) so no hills to worry about on the big day!

I’m working on getting more protein into my diet during the day. I have a bad habit of only having protein with dinner, and I am always starving after work these days. I think it will give me the extra boost I need.

Nothing else new for today. Christy, thanks for the comment!

Mission to a (1/2) Marathon

In our ongoing efforts to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, Mark and I have decided to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront (1/2) Marathon on September 30, 2007! This is a 21.1 KM (13 mile) race and our goal is to finish in under 2 hours and 15 minutes. 6 months to train – better get busy!

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I am leaving Goodlife Fitness because I have only been using my membership for the treadmill and training on a treadmill is not going to cut it anymore. I have run outside the past 4 days in a row – 5 KM Friday, 5.76 KM Saturday, 5 KM Sunday and 7.5 KM yesterday. The nice weather makes it a lot easier to stay motivated. I can’t wait to get home and RUN!

the good, the bad and the ugly

I love weekends, but when it comes to losing weight, THEY ARE PURE EVIL! I don’t know why exactly, but I completely lose control every freaking weekend. Here’s where “ugly” comes in to play. Last weekend consisted of cake, pizza, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Kraft Dinner and all kinds of goodies at a bridal shower for my cousin. My saving grace is that I made it to the gym Saturday morning and ran 10 KM on the treadmill, burning about 1100 calories. So I guess that is how I managed to maintain my weight despite the feasting.

Every time Monday rolls around, I jump right back on the wagon and usually have no trouble staying on track… and every Monday I vow not to blow it again come the weekend. And every weekend I blow it anyway.

What’s the matter with me?!

Anyway, here we are on Wednesday and I have been good (well, mostly). I went to the gym for a run last night and I will be going again tonight. Mark’s train (new job, new transport) comes in at 7 so I am trying to go between work and picking him up. But I am looking forward to Spring so we can start running outside more regularly!

Now THAT is determination

It was still mild after work yesterday so I decided to skip the gym and go for another run outside with Mark. But of course, it started raining just as we were leaving. I nearly chickened out, but Mark convinced me to go for it anyway. And of course, it didn’t just rain. It POURED. You have to understand, I don’t do rain. Being outside in the rain is about my least favourite thing to do. It’s right above being outside in a blizzard. With bare feet. So… this is a big deal!

We took a different 5 KM route with even more hills. There was one giant hill right near the end and I actually had to look down at the sidewalk and take it one square at a time. When I looked up, all I could think was I am never going to make it up this hill! But I made it, one square at a time. It turns out we ran even faster than the day before. We did it in 31 minutes, average speed of 5.5 mph. My legs are S-O-R-E this morning.