Registration in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon: $45

Shoes, clothing and accessories from The Running Room: $400

Crossing the finish line and completing my first half-marathon: PRICELESS!

We did it!

We crossed the finish line holding hands at 2h 12m 46s!

I’ll be back with details + pics, but right now I’m way too tired…

This time tomorrow….

…we should be nearing the finish line!

Last night we picked up our goodie bags at the Expo. Our bibs are printed with our numbers and names on them, our time chips are activated and we are ready to go.

I’m getting really excited now! I’m running my first race tomorrow!

100th Post!

Well, this is my 100th post! Cool.

It’s just about time to accomplish this mission of mine. The 1/2 marathon is THIS SUNDAY! That’s 2 days… actually, 1 day, 20 hours and 53 minutes. We are actually going to do this!

Tonight we are heading to the Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to pick up our race kits and peruse the exhibitors. Then we’re hitting The Old Spaghetti Factory for some carb loading! This part is not so bad. :)

Tomorrow will be a quiet day and an early night because we have to be downtown by 6 AM Sunday.

Check out LIVE Results on race day at www.Sportstats.ca – watch for our split time (1/2 way) and finish time.

You can also check it out on CBC News Morning or via live feed online at www.cbc.ca/sports

p.s. Thanks Christy and Lor for the comments. :)


We are running this race in three days TO THE MINUTE!

We have our bib numbers… I’m 8515 and Mark is 8514. Makes it seem very real!

Tomorrow night we are heading to the Race Expo to pick up our kits and check out some of the booths.

It’s so close I can smell it…


Yesterday night I had my fitness assessment at my new gym, Persechini Fitness Centre. I’ll share the all important numbers (weight, body fat, measurements) after my re-assessment in eight weeks. I can’t wait to start weight training again and get into a routine. I will continue to run outside at least once a week and probably run on the treadmill a couple days, but my main goal for the fall and winter is to stick to a strict 1 hour/4 days per week weight training plan. It’s going to be tough, but the results will be worth it. Or so I’m told. :)

Some of the questions that the trainer was asking got me thinking… this time last year, starting to run had never even crossed my mind! In January, I was thrilled to have run for 30 minutes straight. Hubby and I were just saying that we’re going to hit the gym tonight for an “easy 5 K” on the treadmill. 8 months ago, running 5 KM was a huge accomplishment for me. Pretty amazing what I can do if I put my mind (and body!) to it.

4 days til the race!