Change of heart

Did I say I was looking forward to that? Really?! I am water-logged and chilled to the bone, and starting to wonder if every Sunday is going to bring such awful weather! Last week was the snow storm and this week it was pouring rain. Apparently, cold December rain is much, much worse than snow. We were soaking wet, splashing through the puddles. It felt like I was carrying 10 extra pounds of rain water in my clothing – most of which was sloshing around between my toes. Not so pleasant. We were supposed to run 11K, but three of us decided to make a U-turn and head back early. Ended up finishing at around 6.6K. My crazy husband and Shannon (our instructor) went on to complete the 11 (maybe more?). I’m now showered and warmed up but hubby is still out there…and probably loving it. What a weirdo. 😉

The good news is, I had a little chat with Shannon and she gave me some exercises and tips to help with my ongoing knee issues. She seems to really know her stuff so I am going to take her advice and hopefully see some results.

But right now I need to get me some hot tea! Stay dry. :)

Good to go

Just like last time, it seems to have taken three days for my knee to be okay again. I took Wednesday (missed hill training – bummer), Thursday and Friday off. Went out for a 5K this morning and no problems! Looking forward to a mild (but possibly rainy) 11K with clinic tomorrow morning.

Isn’t this just peachy

Yesterday was 6K with clinic and it was a tough 6K – tons of hills and snowy sidewalks. I managed to irritate my knee again running through piles of snow. It was really sore last night so I iced it for a while. Seems to be a little better this morning but I hay have to skip clinic tonight. :( REALLY sucks because we are starting hills! I’d hate to miss our first hill training session, especially since I have never done it, but running hills with an already aggravated injury is about the stupidest thing you can do, so… bummer. We’ll see how it is later on.

Monday Accountability

I’m going to start a new accountability post every Monday and recap my runs for the previous week as well as a plan for the upcoming week since I don’t always get around to posting every day.

So here’s my accountability for this Monday, December 17th.


Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5K
Wednesday: 7K+
Thursday: rest
Friday: 2.5K (that’s all I could manage in the freeeezing cold!)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 11K
total: 25.5K


Tonight: rest
Tuesday: 5K
Wednesday: 7K
Thursday: 5K (gym)
Friday: rest
Saturday: min 5K
Sunday: 11K
total: 33K

Bringing new meaning to "LSD"

That was one loooooooooooooooooooong, slooooooooooooooooooooow distance. Yesterday a severe winter storm blew through the GTA and it certainly made for an interesting 11KM. We were fortunate to be out in the beginning of the storm (before 30+ centimetres had settled) but the snow was coming down in buckets and we had to brave un-plowed roads and sidewalks. 7 of us showed up (I thought hubby and I would be the only crazy ones) and we stuck together the entire hour and fifteen minutes, even for a washroom stop at Petro Canada. At red lights, we paused for a chuckle at how ridiculous we looked, A) because we were completely snow-covered with frosted facial hair (the guys, anyway) and eyelashes, and B) because we were actually out running in this. It seemed no matter what direction we ran in, we were running into the snow. So we took our time, trudging through the streets, eyes on the ground most of the time to avoid the sting of snowflakes. It felt like we were out there for at least 2 hours.

But you know what? We felt a pretty incredible sense of accomplishment once we had done it. Sometimes that’s what it’s all about. What did YOU do yesterday? :)