Sporting Life 10K Goals revisited

I mentioned in a previous post that I have a goal of completing the Sporting Life 10K in 55 minutes.

I now have a more specific goal, according to the McMillan Pace Calculator. The McMillan Method estimates your equivalent race performances using a current race time at any distance. Based on a 2:01:00 half marathon, I should be able to run 10K in 54:23 (pace 5:26/KM)…in theory. So that’s my official goal. McMillan indicates that my 5K time is 26:11, which is only 37 seconds faster than my personal best 5K of 26:48 (which I have achieved twice in training runs). So, it’s doable…right? Did I mention the course is primarily downhill? :)

I’m really looking forward to Sunday!

My week will consist of 8K at lunch today, another 8K Thursday (slow pace) and a short 3K Saturday to keep the muscles warm. BRING IT ON!

Something to be said for Community Spirit

Yesterday was the 7th annual Hartwell Challenge in Aurora. It’s a small local event, with only about 400 participants overall, but a whole lot of spirit! I decided to volunteer because most of my friends from the Newmarket Running Room were running.

It was so much fun! I was stationed as a course marshall around the 7KM mark right at the top of a long, gradual hill (lots of red faces). We had several runners thank us for the enthusiasm and one told us that we “make all the difference.” That was good to hear. From my own experience, I know that the support from race volunteers does make all the difference, so it was a good feeling to be on the other side this time. The best part is, because we were stationed so early in the race, we were able to make it back to the finish line in time to cheer everyone in.

It was a very well-organized event with tons of local support (sponsors, volunteers, police) and they finished off with a pancake breakfast in the cafeteria of my old high school. The atmosphere at Hartwell was definitely a big change from the Scotiabank and Chilly Half, both having thousands of runners. I love all of the hurrah and hooplah that comes with a big city race, but I have a new appreciation for small-town events.

Next year, I’ll be running Hartwell. Who wants to volunteer?

Just another Saturday…and Sporting Life 10K Goals

Hubby and I got up bright and early this morning for a run around a local park. It was a beautiful morning, plenty of people were out and about, and it was a pleasant run. We separated at one point when hubby decided my 5:50 pace was too slow, and I ended up taking a wrong turn. I wouldn’t say I was ‘lost’ but I had to ask someone how to get back to the parking lot where we had left the car. Oops!

Anyway, I ran about 11.6K, which is my longest distance since the Chilly Half. All set for Sporting Life next weekend!

I’m going for sub 55 minutes (5:30/KM pace) but I think I am actually capable of running even faster than that. I figure if I can run 21K at an average pace of 5:40, I should be able to run a 10K faster than 5:30…right? Funny that I’ve run two half marathons and never a 10K (or 5K, or any other race). I guess I feel like I have something to prove to myself.

Good news!

I finally had a good run yesterday! I still didn’t have new clothes so I improvised by rolling up my pants to the knee and pinning them in place. Oh yeah, I was stylin! It was pretty hot so I just grabbed a 500mL water bottle and held it in my hand the whole time (so annoying but I was glad I had it).

So I ran 8K in 45:10 (pace 5:38/km), and felt great.

And the really good news is that I went to see Sarah at the Aurora Running Room last night and bought myself some new capris and a new fuel belt – and they FIT!

Can’t wait to try them out tomorrow.

A slight improvement over Monday’s run

Last night I was slightly better prepared for my run. It was hot and I couldn’t stand the thought of wearing pants, so I wore my running skirt knowing it was too big but counting on my fuel belt to hold it up. But apparently, my fuel belt is way too big too! I only lasted 5K, constantly hiking up the belt and skirt. It was such a pain…I wanted to turn back after 1K.

No more runs til I go shopping!!!