How about a little RUN down memory lane…

My hubby is from England (moved to Canada with his family in 1996) and he has always wanted to take me there to show me where he grew up. We’ve been planning the trip since before getting married in 2005 and it is finally happening next September (2009). We’re even bringing my parents along for the ride!

We were surfing the ‘net and discovered that there’s a great race in hubby’s hometown, and it’s in September! The Bristol Half Marathon is “one of the UK’s leading road races” and “one of the largest and most popular half marathons in the country.” It sounds like a beautiful route:

The Reebok Bristol Half Marathon will start and finish in Bristol’s historic Harbourside. The scenic, sea-level course will take runners around the old city, past the Harbourside, out and back along the Portway, through the stunning Avon Gorge, and pass twice under Brunel’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

What better way to explore a little bit of hubby’s heritage?


4 months from right now, I will have (hopefully) completed my first marathon. There’s something about hitting the 3-month mark (even if it’s 3 months and X days) that makes it all feel very real and very soon. I remember feeling the same way three months before my wedding, and three months before moving in to our first house. The anticipation can be half the fun!

It’s slightly overwhelming (who am I kidding? EXTREMELY overwhelming), but exciting at the same time. I’ll be happy when I’m back in the program again, which will hopefully be sooner than I originally expected. My ankle has been feeling great these last couple days. It doesn’t hurt to walk on so I am gradually learning to walk ‘normally’ again. It’s amazing what 4 days of limping around can do to one’s form! It’s also very tight from being in a tensor almost 24 hours/day. I’ll give myself a few more days and try an easy jog early next week.

I was just looking at the weeky newsletter from the STWM and something caught my eye.

Correct and redirect

No one’s training program goes exactly as planned. There’s no way to know this early on how your body or your life will respond to the training.

Be ready at any point to rethink your goals for the day, the week, the month, and the race. The greatest discipline is the ability to respond and change to the inevitable ups and downs of a long distance training program.

Ain’t that the truth! While this injury was not actully caused by running and (thankfully) doesn’t seem like it will have much of an impact on my overall training, I think it still applies. I certainly had to rethink my goals for the week AND month and my plan-making husband is going to have to go back to the drawing board with my program and make the necessary modifications.

Update on the ankle

I spent the better part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the couch RICEing and have come a long way since Thursday. I can put weight on my left side and even walk around unassisted…though limpy. I even hobbled on to the ball diamond yesterday for our first game with my ‘family’ league. I couldn’t miss it but I promise, I took it very easy. (courtesy runners are a godsend!) It’s feeling tender today (punishment for insisting on playing!) but not unbearable. I’ll take it wasy for a few days til my game on Thursday. :)

I know the running will be on hold for at least another week to two, but I’m okay with that. In a previous post I mentioned that my left side has been feeling achy, so maybe this is just a needed break. There’s wiggle room in my program, so it’s all good. The way I see it, I’m just getting the injuries out of the way early in the season.

Good news and bad news

I spent the better part of this morning at the urgent care centre and x-ray clinic.

The good news is… it’s not broken! No bone damage. PHEW! Just a very bad bruise.

The bad news is… that doesn’t make it hurt any less. I was up most of the night in pain (doc has now prescribed something for that) and I still can’t walk. I’ve also been assigned a very strict regimen of RICE: rest, ice, compress, elevate. So that is how I will be spending my weekend and with any luck, maybe I’ll be in fair enough condition to play ball (I will never call it “soft” ball again) on Sunday. (but I’m not holding my breath)

I’m hobbling around the office, anxious for 3:00 when I can finally go home and assume my position on the couch where my husband will wait on me, being the awesome guy that he is.

Figures, I’m one week into my marathon program and I’m laid up with a bum ankle. I’m confident that a couple weeks off won’t affect my fitness at this point, but it still sucks the big one.

Happy weekend to all and good luck to everyone participating in Capital Race Weekend. I’ll be there next year!


What was I just saying about my cursed left side? Take a look at this ankle.

I took an extremely hard ball straight to the ankle tonight while running from second base. It is unimaginably painful and I can’t put an ounce of weight on it. Luckily, my hubby has been piggy-backing me around all night. Just wish I could bring him to work. Anyway, I’m icing, keeping it elevated and wrapped…hoping for the best. I’ll stay off it as much as possible and see how it is. If it’s no better tomorrow, I may have to go to the clinic to make sure it’s nothing major.

I can not even believe this right now. I just hope it doesn’t have too much of an impact on my softball and running season. Believe it or not, the exact same thing happened to my team-mate who is also running the marathon in September. We’ve agreed that we’ll hobble the 42.2 KM to the finish line if that’s what it comes down to. But let’s hope not!

There is a slight silver lining. My turn came up to bat again. I could barely stamd on it, but if I didn’t go up, my team would take an automatic out. So I managed to get my feet back in my cleats (didn’t bother doing them uo), hobbled to the plate and took my turn. Would you believe it was my best hit of the season so far? Straight to the outfield, so I made it to first base… and took a courtesy runner! We won the game. :)

I’ll update tomorrow when I have a better idea of what the damage is…