Decisions, decisions

After my string of races this spring/early summer, I hadn’t given much thought to my race schedule for the rest of this year (with the exception of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon).

Well, all of a sudden I find myself in full-blown planning mode! I don’t know what triggered it – perhaps some chatter back and forth with Marky Mark about his own fall races, or the fact that I just signed hubby up for his first marathon later this year. (Or maybe The Happy Runner is rubbing off on me.)

Either way, here I am surfing dozens of race websites and analyzing my training schedule to see what works.


I’d like to see what I can do on a flat 10K course (my PR was set at a net downhill race).

Options are Island Girl 10K on August 15 or Road2Hope 10K on October 31.

The Island Girl would be fun because it’s all women on a unique course around Toronto Island, but it could be very hot in August and the race doesn’t start until 10:30. Road2Hope is a great time of year, but can I allow myself enough time to recover after the marathon (September 27) and still be in good shape for a strong 10K 5 weeks later?


In my mission to achieve a PR in all distances this year (5K, 10K and HM accomplished – marathon will be accomplished!), I’ll need to find a 10-miler. It looks like the best (only?) option is the Whitby Waterfront Race on November 22, but there is very little info out there.


I’ve never run a 30K race and I’d love to do the Midsummer Night’s Run on August 22. It’s a Saturday evening race, starting at 5:30 and running along part of the Waterfront Marathon route. I’d treat part of the race as a marathon pace run.

Half Marathon

I’d love to squeeze in another half marathon as well, but so far have not found one that works.

Any thoughts?!

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  1. i think you should let me transfer my 30k Midsummer Night's bib into your name :) It's the night before my tri, and I wouldn't have been doing it anyway, there's no way I'd be back up to that distance. Lemme know :)

  2. i think you should do both 10ks! they are far enough apart i bet you would see improvement between the two!!!!

  3. Oh the midsummers night run sounds so fun. I think I would like a night race. :) Good luck on making decisions and figuring out your plan!

  4. this will be quick because i am at work, but yes, do mid summers!
    Also, more importantly… I was thinking about the Island Girl race as well, but if Toronto's garbage strike continues until the 15th(yum!), then I don't know how they would be able to run the race- all of the public ferries are shut down for the strike. You may sign up for it and have it be cancelled because you can't get to the island. I can't imagine they would charter boats to make up for the fact that the ferries aren't working now. It would also be such a let down to train and then not be able to run and achieve your PR goal!!!

  5. ohhh I love planning for races. I am very intrigued by the Island Girl race; firstly because of its name and secondly because its all women!
    30K run sounds fun as well. Have fun planning :)

  6. ohh it is tough to decide on races! i usually 'debate' for too long and end up missing the registration deadlines :) they all sound like good races! the 10k's i'm torn on, i know you could handle the post-marathon one but then again you just never know what a marathon will do to you (/anyone). definitely go for the 30k :)

  7. Ok so we're all a bit obsessional about our running…that can be good!

    I did the Midsummer 30K last year. The first 20K or so was spectacular as the route is to the end of the spit around the lighthouse and the skyline was spectacular. I stopped and took some photos of the sunset too. I found the last 10K to be difficult because it got dark (yumke warned me that I was riskign injury doing the 30K instead of the 15K), there weren't a lot of runners, and the water stations ran out of liquids. But I'd also returned from overseas only a few days earlier so I may still have been out of whack.

    The main thing is darkness: on that issue, some of the runners wore headlamps, which would help. Also, last year it started at 6 (and started late), so the earlier start time of 5:30 will help. There is a fun beer tent after.

    Photo of sunset on spit here:

    I did the zoo 10K after the Scotia full marathon last year and that came two weeks earlier than Hamilton (where I did the half), so I think you'd be fine doing Hamilton as a 10K.

    I think the Niagara half looks great but then you'd have to travel two straight weekends since your husband is doing Hamilton.

  8. or you can organize a local blogger's road trip–somewhere like this one:

    A late fall/early winter half would extend your season quite a bit.

    Also I did the Egg Nog Jog" as a 10.8K in December last year and it was a beautiful route with…free egg nog!

  9. just my own thoughts so ignore if you want lol.
    If you are daring run the Toronto Island 10k (put on by my running club) but might not work for you as its the weekend before SWM. Also there is usually a 10k on labor day weekend in Oakville that I heard is good but have not run.

    10 miler. whitby is okay I ran the 5k part last year. Can be icy tho as its on the lakefront. You should think about the boxing day 10 miler in Hamilton. Very good race but hilly.

    30k – mid summers is okay but the second half of the course is dicey and you will need to run with a headlamp. I like the 15k course and race is well run. 30ks are hard to find tho unless you are doing trails (dirty girls is aug 8).

    Consider the hamilton half. 5 weeks should be plenty of time to recover. Course is net downhill and fast unless its windy on the lake.

    Random suggestions… sunset shuffle 6k is fun. Also double crown in burlington. you race twice .. 5k at 8:30 then an 8k at 9:30 they combine the 2 race times for your finishing place in the double.

  10. I haven't given much thought to what's up next either. I have the Philly marathon but I need more!!! You inspired me to go looking for some!

  11. Run run run!! I've been looking at race calenders too…ive been sneaky sneaky at work!! Tough choice on the 10k…since we have been having a mild summer maybe the august one wont be so bad!

  12. so many fun race options. i would go for the island girl, mostly because it's a fun name, but also prolly safer to do it before the marathon. but it's a tough call. a 30k, that would be cool and different to do!

  13. Whoa you signed hubbby up for a marathon? are you going to run it with him ? that's fantastic!! All of these sound great :) Good luck in the planning! Thanks again for everything you have done for the bake sale. :)

  14. Yay for signing hubby up for a marathon! That's awesome! I totally dragged my boyfriend into the sport too–poor guy!

    As for the race planning, that was totally me a few weeks ago . . . once I start I don't stop! Isn't it fun? :)

  15. Ooooh–just be careful if you run the evening race!! I just read about a young man who got hit by a car during a night race. :(

  16. 10milers are rare. The only ones that I know off after this past weekend and the Whitby on and the Hamilton Boxing Day 10miler,that happens, well on Boxing day.

  17. No good comments from me about races for YOU


    any 5K races in toronto two-ish weeks out? i'll be that-away unless things with my dad change

  18. the 30K is interesting, there aren't too many options for that distance! The only one I've seen is coupled with a half-marathon that I've run twice in Pittsburgh. Hmmm. good luck with the planning – thats always exciting to sign up for new stuff!

  19. oh i really wanted to do a 30k but couldn't find on nearby that wasn't a trail race… please I can't not fall down on pavement, like I wouldn't trip on a trail!

  20. Hi Marlene – sadly I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to comment on how awesome it is that where you live has so many options. I'm in the NT of Australia (which is closer to Asia than the other major Australian metros. We have a half marathon this weekend and then… nothing that I know of until the next half marathon in July 2010. I hear there's another half later in the year, but can't find any evidence!

  21. Wow, that is a lot of races. I usually race 2 or 3 times per year. Way to go! I'm also looking for a 10k that won't interfere with my Tri in early September.

  22. I think "tune-up" races are a vital part of marathon training. I hope you can get a couple in before the marathon, even though you will blow the doors off your old PR!!!:)

  23. Close your eyes. Sign up. And then you have no choice but to run them. If you think too long, you'll find excuses. I'm an expert at excuse finding.

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