20K for Haiti

Yesterday I took part in the Run for Haiti/Mission for Solidarity, a 20 kilometre run to raise funds for relief efforts in Haiti.

The run started at 9:30 and took place downtown along the Toronto water front. A bunch of us from my training group drove and ran together. The run was casual, but well-organized and well-supported. The event raised over $15,000 for Haiti relief, which will be matched by the Canadian Government.

It was extremely cold and windy down on the lake, which made it feel even colder. I wore just about every piece of winter gear I own and still worried that I would be cold. As it turns out, I warmed up pretty quickly and felt pretty comfortable for most of the run, except for my face which was constantly frozen.

Group shot before the run… we are a colourful bunch. (I’m in the pompom hat.)

City skyline view over the water along the trail. It is extremely unusual that we don’t have any snow on the ground, but January has been pretty mild around here until the cold snap this week.

The 5K turn-around, which we saw twice. We ran an out-and-back-and-out-and-back.

Photo op on the bridge.

And group shot post-run.

I kept the pace comfortable for most of the run, and picked it up for the last couple kilometres. It was by no means a race, just a training run for a good cause.

20.0 KM

After the run, we were treated to bagels, hot soup and free Gu! A great morning overall.

And now it’s time to do it all over again with a 19K group run…

TGIF! Morning Workouts, Extreme Weather + Doubles!

WELCOME and THANK YOU to my new followers/readers!

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I’m 5-for-5! I was at the gym by 6am again this morning. As much as I claim to be a non-morning person, I’ve really enjoyed it this week. It’s a great way to start my day and squeeze in that extra 30 minutes of activity. I know I can incorporate some morning workouts (and hopefully runs) into my regular routine. Next week’s goal: at least one morning run and at least two other mornings at the gym. Or maybe I’ll just go for 5 again…

Last night was my usual meeting with the training group. We start speed work on Thursdays next week, but yesterday was just a steady run. The conditions were not pretty… -15C/5F (-21C/-6F with the windchill) and wind gusts up to 56kph/35mph. I talked myself in and out of running over and over again and even packed my gym bag to hit the treadmill instead, but knowing I had dozens of buddies waiting for me somehow made it easier to toughen up, bundle up and get it done. And you know what? Once we got out there, it wasn’t bad at all.

I have double long runs coming up this weekend. (Hmm, Goofy Training all over again?) 20KM Run for Haiti tomorrow and a 19KM group long run Sunday. Bring it!

Have a great weekend!

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Loaded Calendar

I hit the gym again this morning! 4-for-4!

It’s time to reveal my race plan for 2010!

January 9 – 10: Goofy Challenge complete!

March 7: Chilly Half Marathon
Hoping to PR on this flat & fast out-and-back course in Burlington, ON.

March 28: Around the Bay 30K
Seeking 30K redemption (although it will be treated as a training run) at North America’s oldest road race. “Older than Boston!”

April 3 – Harry’s Spring Run-Off
A 5K tune-up race to see if I can still find some speed in these legs.

April 18 – MontrĂ©al Half Marathon
A 100% FUN RUN as part of a weekend getaway with another couple.

May 2 – Sporting Life 10K
Hoping to PR for the 3rd consecutive year on this famously fast, downhill course.

May 16 – Mississauga Marathon
Here it is, my goal marathon. I’ve run the half on this course and enjoyed it – hoping for good things with my 4th marathon.

May 30 – Ottawa Half Marathon
Another FUN RUN as part of a cottage weekend with hubs and some friends from my training group.

June 6 – Mud Run (10K)
The tag-line says it all with this crazy, dirty trail run. This will be the 3rd consecutive year for Team Nucking Futs.

June 12 – Wine Country Run (10K)
Looking forward to more wine tastings along this route through the scenic Niagara vineyards.

June 19 (& August 14) – Toronto City Chase
Amazing Race style adventure race with challenges and check points to complete along the way. This will be my 3rd and 4th times participating. (The series makes TWO stops in Toronto.)

June 26 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon
Looking forward to hanging with some awesome bloggers and keeping up with them for as long as my legs will allow. My first Rock ‘n’ Roll event and 5th marathon!

July 10 – Rebecca Run (5K)
A wonderful local event that takes place at the park where I run regularly. Hoping to defend my title as first place female from last year!

I realize that I have seven races planned for May and June, two of which being marathons. The calendar is loaded, but most will be completed as fun runs … or training runs with style.

August, Septepmber, October, November, December… TBD!

Run for Haiti

This Saturday Running Free is sponsoring a charity event callled Run Haiti – Mission for Solidarity. The 10 and 20KM run will take place along the Toronto water front on the Martin Goodman Trail and all funds raised will go directly to Haiti (the Government of Canada will also be matching all donations).

A minimum $10 donation covers registration, a commemorative bib number, sponsor goodies, coffee, refreshments and snacks.

I’ll be participating in the 20KM run along with several of my training buddies.

A simultaneous event will take place in Hamilton as well. For details on both events, see here.

Let me know if anyone is going to be there!

Tuesday Triple

I decided that I want to get up early and hit the gym every single morning this week. This is not something I ever do (I’m more of a *SNOOZE* kind of girl) so I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

So far, I’m two for two!

With the start of this latest round of marathon training and increasing mileage looming before me on the calendar, I started wondering how on earth I am going to be able to maintain my regular cross-training (which I am determined to do this time around). The solution: run or workout in the mornings before work once or twice a week and/or incorporate more doubles. The next couple of weeks will be my breaking-in period while the mileage is still relatively low.

As for today… I completed a Triple!

AM: gym – 30 minutes cardio (elliptical and stair-climber)

LUNCH: run – 6K with 1000 m hard/easy intervals (yay impromptu speed work!)
hard intervals completed @ 4:40, 4:38, 4:29

PM: gym – 1h aerobics/strength fitness class

Tuesday Triple Success! And now it’s time to pass out on the couch make dinner and watch The Biggest Loser.

What did you do today?

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