TGIF! Morning Workouts, Extreme Weather + Doubles!

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I’m 5-for-5! I was at the gym by 6am again this morning. As much as I claim to be a non-morning person, I’ve really enjoyed it this week. It’s a great way to start my day and squeeze in that extra 30 minutes of activity. I know I can incorporate some morning workouts (and hopefully runs) into my regular routine. Next week’s goal: at least one morning run and at least two other mornings at the gym. Or maybe I’ll just go for 5 again…

Last night was my usual meeting with the training group. We start speed work on Thursdays next week, but yesterday was just a steady run. The conditions were not pretty… -15C/5F (-21C/-6F with the windchill) and wind gusts up to 56kph/35mph. I talked myself in and out of running over and over again and even packed my gym bag to hit the treadmill instead, but knowing I had dozens of buddies waiting for me somehow made it easier to toughen up, bundle up and get it done. And you know what? Once we got out there, it wasn’t bad at all.

I have double long runs coming up this weekend. (Hmm, Goofy Training all over again?) 20KM Run for Haiti tomorrow and a 19KM group long run Sunday. Bring it!

Have a great weekend!

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34 thoughts on “TGIF! Morning Workouts, Extreme Weather + Doubles!

  1. Well I'm not sure how "-6 with 35 mph winds" isn't "bad" – but HUGE props to you AND the buddies for stickin' it out!!

    Another 5-for-5! The more you do it, the easier it will be. :)

    39 KM in one weekend, again?! ah! GO YOU!

  2. 5 for 5? AWESOME! I hate how cold it is outside! blah.
    My sister chose the Mississauga marathon because we can stay with her boyfriends parents (hes from Toronto), it was a spring marathon and close enough that I could make it out to watch her run. We will have to work out something to meet up. here is my email address so we can work out something when the time gets closer jocelynsumara(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. YOU are a freaking rock star!!! Great job, I don't know how you do it!!! Have a great friday and weekend.


  4. Great job!!!! It is always easier when people are waiting for you… just keep that up and you are all set. Good luck this weekend!

  5. You are killing those workouts!

    Enjoy all your long runs this weekend. I hope the weather moderates for you!

  6. its absolutely freezing out there. i have no idea how you can run in this. i am soooo NOT a winter runner. im getting cold just thinking about it! yuck!!!

    but u r a hero for doing it! that is great! i applaud you!

  7. Next week I will post how my alarm went off at 4:45am and I GOT UP to complete my workout before work. HOLD ME TO IT!! You doing only makes me know I can make this happen :)

    Your 2010 list of races…. YAHHOOOOO your legs will be moving!!

  8. 5 morning workouts in a row! You are really rocking it! I just didn't have the desire to go to the gym this morning. Maybe next week I can go five mornings! I really like working out hard during the week and then resting on the weekend!

    I am going to attempt a cold run tomorrow since its going to be below zero!

  9. Hi,

    I am new to your blog :) Good job on going 5 for 5 and working out in the cold! That makes the Pacific Northwest's rain look not so bad!

    Also, amazing race schedule you have lined up!! I will be at the Seattle RNR half, I hear it was amazing last year!

  10. Congrats on the 5 for 5 that is a great accomplishment so early in the morning!
    I think the NY resolutioners are thinning as I did not have to fight for a mill at my gym this am.
    good luck at your race and have fun with all of your weekend miles!

  11. I'm so envying your temperatures. I know that's weird but we're in the middle of some hot, humid and hideous summer weather so cold sounds seriously good.

  12. You are such an inspiration with those early morning workouts. And that cold, OMG. I can't even fathom running outdoors in that.

    Hope both runs this weekend go well!

  13. I am SO impressed! I have been struggling lately but it seriously is such a great start to the day and you feel good all day long when you work out in the morning! Good luck with all the long running fun this weekend!

  14. I am totally impressed! I chose the treadmill yesterday…we had exactly the same weather here in Québec! You are hardcore…and your workout levels…wow!

  15. umm i am totally impressed! i set my alarm 2-3 times last week to "get up and go for a short morning run" but ended up hitting snooze for almost 2 hours instead each time :)

    you rock!

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