Foto Friday

Our LT run was cancelled yesterday due to particularly miserabe conditions and we set out for an “easy” 10K instead. There wasn’t anything “easy” about it as we slipped around on black ice (one guy went down in the first 5 minutes and Juliana saved my a$$ from going down too!), trudged through snow, fought whipping winds and wiped snow from our stinging eyes.

Yesterday Shelley asked for before/during/after photos, so here they are.

Before – in the car and not too sure about running in that weather.

Check out my MITTENS!

“During” (post-run) – in the car and glad to be done.
I realize that I don’t really look any different, except maybe a bit wet. The snow and ice had already melted from my eye lashes and hat.

After – this is how you’ll usually find me after a cold winter run.
(I got home just in time to see the Canadian Women win GOLD in hockey!)

Have a great weekend!

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Three Things Thursday

1. Yesterday morning I got up early for a pre-dawn run so that I could hit up a Spin class last night for the first time in a few weeks. I’ve been having some trouble trying to fit in the mileage I want in addition to strength- and cross-training. Ideally I would love a weekday morning Spin class, but the earliest one is 6:15, which wouldn’t allow me to get to work on time. Hopefully once daylight comes earlier, I can squeeze in a longer run before work at least once a week. I should also get back into my morning gym routine once or twice a week.

Glitter Graphics

2. We’re expecting some significant snowfall over the remainder of this week. It won’t be as crazy as what some of you have experienced recently, but it should make my next few runs interesting. I have a group tempo/LT run tonight, easy run on Saturday and long run Sunday (somewhat of a taper for next weekend’s Chilly Half Marathon).

3. I have to mention the stellar day that Canada had in the Olympics yesterday, with 4 medals including gold and silver in the Bobsleigh. We have also tied the record number of gold medals ever won by Canada in the Winter Olympics.

(Note: staying up late to watch the Olympics is not conducive to morning workouts…)

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

Intervals! … and logistics of lunch running

Today I set out for another round of Tuesday Lunch Intervals.

We woke up to a pretty hefty snowfall this morning and it has been a mild day (-1C/30F) so this resulted in sloppy, slushy sidewalks. Some sections were relatively clear, but I was soaked to the ankles before starting my first 1600. Good times….

Target: 3 x 1600 at [goal] 10K pace = 7:38 (4:45/KM)

(1000m warm-up jog)
1600m @ 7:22 (4:35/KM)this feels pretty decent, but oops too fast!
(400m recovery)
1600m @ 7:22 (4:35/KM)can I hold on to this pace?? 1600 is sooo looong!
(400m recovery)
1600m @ 7:10 (4:27/KM)HOW! MUCH! FARTHER!?
(1500m jog back to the office)

Pretty sure I may have yelled “HELL YEAH!” as I hit the lap button after that last 1600. Maybe.


Many of you have commented on my previous lunch runs, asking how I make it work and often mentioning how nice it would be to have a shower at work.

Well guess what? I don’t have access to a shower! Aren’t you glad you don’t share an office with me?

I always pack my bag the night before so I’m less likely to miss something. I will never forget that time I neglected to pack a sports bra and socks, but I ran anyway.

In addition to the running essentials, here’s what I pack in order to freshen up as much as possible post-run.


baby wipes

body spray


translucent powder

It’s not ideal, but at least I’m presentable for the remainder of the afternoon. I try not to leave for more than an hour, so I have just enough time to change, run ~8K, freshen up and change again. (I eat my lunch at my desk when I get back.)

And there you have it! When’s your next lunch workout?

Marathon+ Weekend

Is it really Sunday already?

I decided that I would tackle the marathon distance this weekend, spread out over Saturday and Sunday.

I was able to recruit some company on Saturday morning for run #1. We set out from a local park along trails, some parts clear and some parts icy/snowy. It was a mild morning, right around freezing, with some wind – a pretty pleasant morning overall. We chattered away and before we knew it, the run was done. 15.2KM/9.4mi.

We got together Saturday evening at Juliana‘s along with some other friends for drinks and snacks. We had a great time as always with many laughs. It was a later night than I would typically have before a long run, and both Juliana and I found ourselves yawning on Sunday morning before setting out.

Our group had planned for a 22K run, so I set out ahead of time to log 5 extra (and found a few other crazies to join me). It was a much colder and windier morning, though sunny. I found myself frequently too warm, but quickly felt the cold when we turned into the wind. It was a good run overall, though I was feeling it for the last few kilometres. 27.6KM/17.1mi.

Total weekend mileage: 42.8KM/26.5mi. I had a much needed snooze this afternoon.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Watch for the Red Mittens winner tomorrow.