Home Sweet Home

Whew! What a week (+) this has been. Thankfully, the move went very well and we are now (mostly) settled in our new home.

Here’s what our last couple of days in the old place looked like:

Come Tuesday, we were more than ready to start loading the truck and get this show on the road.

We were lucky to have awesome helper elves who got the truck all loaded up quickly and efficiently. We were finished way earlier than expected (the evening before moving day) so on Wednesday morning, all we had to do was a quick last minute clean and we were out of there.

Unlocking the door for the first time in 2008, and locking up for the very last time. It was bittersweet; we loved this house and made a ton of memories here. We both became marathoners, triathletes and puppy parents in this house!

We got the call to pick up our key to the new place at 1PM, which was a relief since all we were doing at that point is waiting around. After a quick trip to the lawyer’s office, our crew met us at the house where we were excited to unlock the door.

And by 4PM, we were completely unloaded. Awesome elves, I tell you. Then it was time for the fun to begin – unpacking, organizing, cleaning, etc. We tried to get as much done as we could before Miles came home from “sleepover camp.” He was a little confused when he got dropped off at a different home on Thursday.

After realizing it was “home” and getting his bearings, he seems quite content and enjoys all of the extra space – especially in the back yard! Although his favourite past-time is looking out the windows.

We even got the tree up and decorated so it’s feeling a little more festive in here, although our apartment/townhouse-sized tree looks pathetic in this bigger space. Next year I think we will need to get ourselves a giant real tree.

We’ve also had some fun exploring paths and woods in our new neighbourhood with Miles. There are lots of new places to mark his territory see and he loves every minute of it.

I’m very much looking forward to scoping our this new area for running routes soon, although I haven’t been doing much of that recently. I went for a long-ish run with the group last Sunday, but haven’t done any formal training (just lots of lifting & stairs!) this week until today’s run.

Speaking of which… it was my running group’s annual costume Christmas run this morning! (I’m the present front and centre.)

We got all decked out and ran through town on a dreary, rainy December morning. I definitely would have preferred some snow.

And yes, that box was as difficult to run in as you would imagine. It was banging my knees at the front and back for the entire 7.5-mile run. I needed a helper to tie my shoes and start my Garmin.

Of course, the run was followed by a delicious spread of food – as per usual!

And with that, it’s back to work… and the small matter of Christmas shopping which I need to address. Eeks. Moving at this time of year is extra hectic, but it’s also nice because we have some time off to look forward to over Christmas to finish settling in.

Thank you for all of your well wishes on the new place! I promise to share some more photos soon.

Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 4

Since I was laid up with the “plague” for most of last week, there wasn’t a whole lot of training to speak of. I did manage a couple of workouts, but I spent as much time as possible like this:

Monday 11/26 – Rest

Tuesday 11/27 – I went for a light 30-minute swim at lunch. I hadn’t done anything since Friday, so it felt good to move.

Wednesday 11/28 – I took an easy 25-minute run at lunch. Energy/legs were okay, but my chest was not too happy. I knew I needed some more time off running. :(

Thursday 11/29 – Hit the gym with Kel for Body Pump. I couldn’t do cardio, but enjoyed a good strength workout. I’m in love with this class!

Friday 11/30 – Rest

Saturday 12/1 – First session with my indoor cycling club for the winter season. I didn’t want to miss our first day, plus I was scheduled to meet with my coach after, but I also knew I should and could not handle the entire workout. I cut it in half and it felt great to sweat. I am really excited about this group!

Sunday 12/2 – Rest

I’m feeling better this week (though not 100%) and aiming to do the best I can without going overboard, while working on last minute packing and preparations for our move next week. (Eek!) You may not hear from me again until we’ve moved, when I’ll be back with a full update.

Stay healthy!

November 2012

Total Run Distance: 115.0 KM (71.5 mi)

# Runs: 12

Time Spent Running: 10:55:36

Total Cycling Distance: 179.3 KM (111.4 mi)

# Rides: 7

Time Spent Cycling: 6:48:35

Total Swim Distance: 20,850m

# Swims: 10

Time Spent Swimming: 8:04:27

# Strength Workouts: 2

Time Spent Strength Training: 2:00:00

Races: None.

Workout of the Month: I was really proud of my endurance swim on 11/16. It was my longest continuous swim to-date and first time swimming for an hour straight. 

Guilty Pleasure of the Month: Fifty Shades Darker 

Indulgence of the Month: This chocolate chip cake we enjoyed at a friend’s Birthday. Worth. Every. Calorie.

Obsession of the Month: Pack all the things!

Food and/or Drink of the Month: My delicious maple roasted butternut squash/brussels sprout/apple salad

Current Bane of my Existence: living like this:

Current Need: to get over this nasty cold that knocked me on my butt most of last week

Triumph of the Month: Joining the gym and taking my first (2) Body Bump classes. Feel the burn!

Current Excitement: Moving to our new home in 9 days. Then I can get excited about Christmas!

Current Goal: Keep the diet in check and stick to a training routine as best as I can with our impending move.

Photo of the Month: foggy sunrise – follow me on Instagram (marleneruns)


Is it really December?!

Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 3

Monday 11/19 – Rest

Tuesday 11/20Tuesday Triple (Body Pump, Swim, Run)

Wednesday 11/21 – I planned to go to RPM (spin class) in the morning but woke up way too sore from Body Pump to even consider it. Opted for an easy spin on the bike trainer after work instead, then off to Masters swimming.

Thursday 11/22 – Another morning workout scrapped; I was supposed to meet a friend for a 5am run but wasn’t feeling well in the night so I had to bail. Ended up enjoying a sunny, mild lunch-time run instead.

Friday 11/23 – Planned to squeeze in an RPM class after work but didn’t end up having time. (Definitely need to try one of these classes next week!) Went to Masters Swim that evening to make up for missing Monday.  

Saturday 11/24 – I scrapped my trainer ride in favour of getting things done around the house. We are quickly running out of weekends before the move.

I did spend a little time outdoors watching Miles experience snow for the first time, and trying out his new coat. Fun!

That night I celebrated a friend’s Birthday, where we were treated to enjoy “grown-up” cake and “grown-up” goodie bags.

Sunday 11/25 – I had planned to run with the group, but ended up getting hit with a chest cold out of nowhere Saturday night. Spent a whole lot of time doing nothing instead. Miles did his best to make me feel better with kisses and snuggles.

So, the week didn’t quite go according to plan and now I don’t know what to expect this week thanks to this darn cold. I will take it a day at a time and hopefully kick this thing quickly.