Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 3

Monday 11/19 – Rest

Tuesday 11/20Tuesday Triple (Body Pump, Swim, Run)

Wednesday 11/21 – I planned to go to RPM (spin class) in the morning but woke up way too sore from Body Pump to even consider it. Opted for an easy spin on the bike trainer after work instead, then off to Masters swimming.

Thursday 11/22 – Another morning workout scrapped; I was supposed to meet a friend for a 5am run but wasn’t feeling well in the night so I had to bail. Ended up enjoying a sunny, mild lunch-time run instead.

Friday 11/23 – Planned to squeeze in an RPM class after work but didn’t end up having time. (Definitely need to try one of these classes next week!) Went to Masters Swim that evening to make up for missing Monday.  

Saturday 11/24 – I scrapped my trainer ride in favour of getting things done around the house. We are quickly running out of weekends before the move.

I did spend a little time outdoors watching Miles experience snow for the first time, and trying out his new coat. Fun!

That night I celebrated a friend’s Birthday, where we were treated to enjoy “grown-up” cake and “grown-up” goodie bags.

Sunday 11/25 – I had planned to run with the group, but ended up getting hit with a chest cold out of nowhere Saturday night. Spent a whole lot of time doing nothing instead. Miles did his best to make me feel better with kisses and snuggles.

So, the week didn’t quite go according to plan and now I don’t know what to expect this week thanks to this darn cold. I will take it a day at a time and hopefully kick this thing quickly.

Maple and Apple Cider Delights

Over the weekend, in the midst of packing our life into boxes, I made time for a little more experimentation in the kitchen.

I love love having a hint of sweetness in a savory meal, so I was immediately intrigued when I saw this recipe posted by Morning Runner a couple weeks ago. Quinoa cooked in apple cider? Yes please! Mixed with salty spicy italian turkey sausage with a handful of kale (spinach for me since I had to use it up) for nutrition and some added goat cheese crumbles (in my version) made the perfect combination.

I mixed up my measurements while halving the recipe and ended up with a bit too much liquid, but it was delicious all the same. I usually cook my quinoa in plain water, so this was a great way to mix it up.

I was also looking for a warm fall-inspired salad with a sweet taste, and came up with this:

Maple Roasted Apple and Butternut Squash Salad with Brussels Sprouts
(4 servings)

1 small butternut squash, peeled and cubed
4 (or 3 large) honeycrisp apples, cored and chopped
2 cups brussels sprouts, stems removed and halved
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp maple syrup
salt and pepper
mixed greens for 4
goat (or feta) cheese crumbles
balsamic vinegar

Toss squash, apple and brussels sprouts in oil maple syrup, salt and pepper. Roast at 400F for 25-30 minutes or until tender. (You may want to add the apples 10-15 minutes into cooking time if you don’t like them too soft.)

Arrange spring mix on plates and drizzle with balsamic. Top with squash mixture when ready (this is good warm from the oven or cold from the fridge.) Sprinkle with cheese if desired.

Mmm’Mmm good!

Happy Thanksgiving south of the border!

Tuesday Triple

Today I had a full day of workouts lined up; strength class in the morning, swim at lunch and run after work. Good thing I had taken a rest on Monday! You can imagine the number of bags I was hauling around, since I went straight to work from the gym.

It started with 6am Body Pump at my new gym. Thankfully Kelly was there to show me the ropes. It was a great class and I loved every muscle-quivering moment. Definitely going to be feeling that! My limbs already felt like noodles on the way out.

Next up I hit the pool to make up for skipping Monday night Masters. Usually I get an interesting crowd at the day-time swim and have all kinds of “encounters” during my workout, but today I enjoyed the lane all to myself almost the entire time. What a treat!

I had originally planned on a shorter swim so I could get back to work, but when I realized my pass had run out (and had to pay a full $5 to swim!), I decided to get the most out of it. 2050m and 43 minutes later, I headed back to work looking my best with goggle face and pool hair…

And finally, I went for a nice and easy 10K run after work. As much as I miss daylight in the evenings, there’s something so peaceful about running in the dark. This is the first time I’ve been out on a solo evening run for a while, since I usually opt to go in the morning with friends or over lunch, and I really enjoyed it. There are Christmas lights popping up all over the place now, too, which helps improve the darkened scenery.

And that’s that! Now it’s just about time to put my tired body to bed. Right after I unload these bags and load them up again for tomorrow…

Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 2

Another week in the books and I pretty much hit my targets for my “sticky note training plan.” At the beginning of the week, I sketch out a rough plan of what I’d like to accomplish and when. I inevitably end up scratching things out and re-scheduling as the days go on, but it keeps me accountable and I like having a visual reminder of what I need to do.

Monday 11/12 – swim

I hit the pool with Masters on Monday evening, which is the most crowded night for our group. I ended up going in the fastest lane, which only had 2 swimmers (plus me) compared to 5. My mission for the evening was to get through 10 x 200 without getting lapped by the front swimmer, and I did it (barely)! Good workout.

Tuesday 11/13 – run, bike

I met up with the “Fairy Lake girls” for a frosty 5am (9.3K) run, then hopped on the trainer for an hour ride after work with Miles keeping me entertained.

Wednesday 11/14 – run, swim

I squeezed in a short (5.5K) lunch run, then headed back to Masters swim in the evening. We spent the last 15-20 minutes doing one-armed fly which was the craziest and most exhausting workout ever.

Thursday 11/15 – run

Just another lunch run (8.25K).

Friday 11/16 – bike, swim

I hopped on my trainer for 40 minutes after work (hubs arrived home so he could occupy the pup this time) then headed to the pool later in the evening for a continuous endurance swim, where I swam for an hour non-stop for the first time ever (2800m).

Saturday 11/16 – bike

I put in another hour and a half “long” ride on the trainer Saturday morning. It was actually a nice enough day that I could have been riding outside, but I couldn’t be bothered to take my bike off the trainer and swap the wheel only to put it back on after for the following week. Plus, my indoor 2-hour classes are starting in a couple of weeks and I am trying to prepare myself for the suffer-fest. Embrace the pain.

Sunday 11/17 – run

Met up with all of my running peeps for another nice Sunday morning long run. The weather was great for the second week in a row; soaking it up while we can! If only I could stop over-dressing…


Swim 3x for 6450m in 2:40:52
Bike 3x for 83.6K (51.9mi) in 3:10:07
Run 4x for 43.2K (26.8mi) in 4:06:57

Overall Time: 9:57:56