Trainer Companion

Hubs is away for work this week, which leaves me on single parent puppy duty.

On Tuesday evening I needed to get my trainer ride in and wanted to keep an eye on Miles at the same time. There is way too much for him to get into in the basement, so I hauled my bike and trainer to the living room in the hopes that I could get my workout in while heĀ entertained himself.

He was a little confused at first and had to inspect everything thoroughly. Then I stuffed a Kong full of carrots and peanut butter, made sure he had his favourite ball and got to work.

He kept himself busy for a little while, but then he got bored and the harassment began. First, he decided to watch.

“Are you done yet?”

Then he made himself more comfortable.

Any finally, he “accidentally” dropped his ball under my bike over and over again, staring at it helplessly until I got off and gave it back to him.

I have to say, things were a lot simpler before we had a puppy in the house. But not nearly as much fun!

10 thoughts on “Trainer Companion

  1. Ha ha ha. This is just like my stretching sessions in the morning. Both dogs think I’m there solely for their amusement. They drop balls in my hand, play tug-of-war over me and Toby has been known to sit on my face.

  2. Aw, Miles is so cute! I don’t think they understand why you can’t play with them when you are in the same room and you technically aren’t going anywhere.

    Finlay used to just curl up in a bed while I spun on my bike. Peat was a little too interested in the spinning back wheel the one time he hung out with me so I’m a little too afraid to have him join me if I’m on my trainer.

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