Tuesday Triple

Today I had a full day of workouts lined up; strength class in the morning, swim at lunch and run after work. Good thing I had taken a rest on Monday! You can imagine the number of bags I was hauling around, since I went straight to work from the gym.

It started with 6am Body Pump at my new gym. Thankfully Kelly was there to show me the ropes. It was a great class and I loved every muscle-quivering moment. Definitely going to be feeling that! My limbs already felt like noodles on the way out.

Next up I hit the pool to make up for skipping Monday night Masters. Usually I get an interesting crowd at the day-time swim and have all kinds of “encounters” during my workout, but today I enjoyed the lane all to myself almost the entire time. What a treat!

I had originally planned on a shorter swim so I could get back to work, but when I realized my pass had run out (and had to pay a full $5 to swim!), I decided to get the most out of it. 2050m and 43 minutes later, I headed back to work looking my best with goggle face and pool hair…

And finally, I went for a nice and easy 10K run after work. As much as I miss daylight in the evenings, there’s something so peaceful about running in the dark. This is the first time I’ve been out on a solo evening run for a while, since I usually opt to go in the morning with friends or over lunch, and I really enjoyed it. There are Christmas lights popping up all over the place now, too, which helps improve the darkened scenery.

And that’s that! Now it’s just about time to put my tired body to bed. Right after I unload these bags and load them up again for tomorrow…

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Triple

  1. It’s just as well you’re taking strength classes – you need that extra muscle to haul all those bags around. And it’s just as well you’re not a professional hair model if that’s how you go back to work after a swim.

  2. Well done Marlene! You are so dedicated. I have a colleague here at work that is always busy with some Iron Man or other crazy training. She says her hair is never dry at work. She is as committed as you are and never miss a workout.

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  4. BodyPump always makes me hurt! It’s such a great class though. Try a BodyAttack class if you can…it’s my favourite class. :)

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