What I Ate Wednesday

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken part in Jenn’s weekly food party (although I regularly stalk others’ daily eats). Since I’m trying to put more effort into eating a healthier and more varied diet, I thought that taking pictures of and sharing my food for a day might help spice things up. Here’s a look at what I ate on Monday:

  • tea, blueberry-banana muffin and tiny crustless quiches for brekkie
  • greek yogurt (oikos lime = yum) and sliced apple for snacking
  • big salad with chickpeas, feta and craisins for lunch
  • nutrigrain bar, mixed fruit and fresca for afternoon snacking
  • slice of toast with honey after work to hold me over til dinner (had an event to attend)
  • greek orzo salad on a pile of greens, carrots with hummus and turkey burger with mustard for dinner
  • sugar-free pudding snack before bed

What are you eating?

5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. The best thing I’ve done all year was buy a cheap salad bowl with an air-tight lid. I keep filling it with salad which makes meals just so easy. I’ll have a big plate of salad with chicken breast for lunch. The boys make wraps with lots of salad and some meat. And sometimes they even refill the container for me.

  2. I am back on the salad train. I hadn’t been buying lettuce cause it would go bad quickly, but we started a challenge at work to walk 10000 steps a day and eat 5 fruits and veggies so I started eating more of the good stuff.

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